Consultants, Specialists and Skilled people who rely on their intellect, experience and expertise as against trading goods or services provided by others, can come together to form a Professional company. It can be constituted by one or more professionals or ‘partners’, who may or may not share the work equally, and who may or may not receive equal fees for their service rendered.

The premises, softwares, machines and tools may be provided by some partners and the services executed by some other partners. Further, any professional who is part of the organization can even delegate his share of the work to another partner or even a third party as long as the other partners do not have any objection.

However, companies or firms registered as a Professional Company cannot undertake or participate in any other business activity other than the one they are explicitly meant to do.

Some of the most common types of Professional Companies are:

  • Law: Legal practice and consultation
  • Finance: Auditing, book-keeping and organizing financial data
  • Construction: Civil engineering, structural and architectural consultancy or services
  • Economics: Economic consultancy or studies
  • HR: People or project management services
  • Technology: Technical or technology consultation
  • Medical: Medical and curative services
  • Marketing: Advertising, content and graphic design services
  • Education: Teaching, training and research

General note: There may be slight variations in the Terms & Conditions for setting up the company in Dubai, as against rest of UAE. Please consult CSU for more details.


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