While onshore companies have several restrictions on foreign ownership, Free Zones have no such restrictions and offer several advantages. Companies here can have 100% Foreign ownership, need not pay taxes, and enjoy several privileges at the customs. All these factors have made the free zones, the most popular and suitable location in the Middle East to have international operations, which includes offices, factories and warehouses.

Free-zones in Dubai

Dubai alone has 22 Free zones some of which are aimed at specific industry sectors such as Trading, Media, Hospitality, Healthcare, Floriculture, Education, Technology, Bio-technology, Jewelry, etc. However, please note, Free Zone companies cannot undertake trade within the UAE market and must work with local distributors.

Benefits of Dubai Free zones

  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Ability to repatriate Capital and Profits up to 100%
  • 0% Corporate, Personal, Income, Wealth or Luxury Tax
  • Total exemption from having to pay Import or Export Duties
  • Easy to incorporate a Free zone company
  • Easily available workforce, no restrictions on recruitment
  • Hassle-free, On-site Customs Inspection
  • The latest in communication technology
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and office spaces available
  • Abundant Power and water available

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