There are various permits, approvals, licenses, renewals and documents required from time-to-time, for people staying in the UAE. These involve various Govt. departments with involved processes and extensive documentation. Some of them are:

  • Processing of Company Immigration Card and Labor Card with Labor and Immigration departments
  • Initial Approvals from Ministries and Departments in the concerned Emirate
  • Visa formalities for Partners and co-founders
  • Processing new employment visa, Renewal of the visa, work permit and Visa Cancellation
  • Processing Family visas for your spouse, child or parent visiting you in the UAE
  • Creating the Emirates ID card for people living in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah
  • Attesting Import and Export documents
  • Translation of Legal documents from Arabic to English and vice versa
  • Processing Medical Fitness Test papers
  • Assistance in searching for Housemaid, cook, driver, cleaning and other domestic staff

Managing these on your own can be a challenge, due to language and other barriers. CSU has the required expertise and contacts within the Govt. departments to fast-track these processes and take away the hassle for you.


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