Like in any other part of the world, working or living in the UAE requires comprehensive Insurance cover to overcome losses due to death, disability, injury, disease or bankruptcy. There are 5 categories of Insurance in the UAE.

  • Vehicle Insurance: This covers both third-party and comprehensive insurance to factor both injuries to a third person, or to yourself, due to your car, as well as eventualities like theft, damage and fire.
  • Personnel Insurance: This covers you and your employees against illness or accidents, through various categories of insurance such as income protection, trauma, life and disability. Self-employed individuals running a single-person enterprise are not covered by this and must avail a policy through a private insurer.
  • Public Liability Insurance: Mandatory for everybody living in the UAE, this protects you from claims by third parties for negligence, injury, loss of property, damage to property, death, or financial loss caused by your actions, or your business.
  • Building and Content insurance: This protects your property and physical assets from damage caused by natural forces, as well as man-made causes such as theft, burglary, sabotage, riots and explosion.
  • Personal Insurance: These are more customized covers and include Home Insurance, Life Insurance and Car Insurance which covers the driver (and not the vehicle alone).

CSU will guide you through selecting the right policy for you, filling up the documents, and submit the same on your behalf. Once you receive the policy and are covered, we will help you with reminders about renewals, and claims processing.


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