Consular Services go beyond mere Visa or Passport processing, and covers various facets of traveling to, working or living in the UAE. It is required to resolve any issues or ambiguities that may involve you and concerned departments in the Govt. of UAE, or manage any unique request, need or situation that you and your family are in. Trying to manage the same all by yourself can be a challenge given that most documents and statutes are in Arabic and not every department in the Govt. can interpret the same in English precisely for you. This can cause delays, serious penalties, or hamper your work in the UAE.

That is where CSU comes into the picture. Our familiarity with the local laws, working culture, and our extensive network within the Govt. departments here will help you resolve the issue at the earliest in hassle-free and cost-effective ways. We will be transparent at every step and involve you throughout in the decision-making process so that there are no unpleasant surprises.


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