The United Arab Emirates stands out among all the countries in the Middle East for its progressive thinking, visionary rulers, business-savvy regime, religious tolerance, investor-friendly policies and migrant-friendly population. Its emergence from being just another young Arab nation in the early 1970s to an economic powerhouse by the 1990s is an unparalleled success story in the economic history of the 20th century.

This has turned the UAE into a magnet for investors, business houses, multinational corporations, technology giants, trading organizations and millions of aspiring job-seekers from around the world. New companies are incorporated in the UAE, everyday, in large numbers, which cannot be seen in any other part of the world.

However, like any other country, the UAE has its own unique social, cultural and business identity with all its idiosyncrasies. Companies aspiring to set up operations in the UAE must be sensitive to these aspects and comply with every statutory or legal obligation while setting up operations here.

At times, this presents challenges due to language barriers, involved processes and extensive documentation. Without an agency to hand-hold you or guide you at all times, these challenges can be difficult to surmount.

That is why; Company Setup UAE (CSU) was founded by like-minded professionals to help aspiring companies start operations in the UAE without any hassle or much expense. Our Senior Management and specialty teams are drawn from different parts of the world, speak different languages, yet all of them have extensive awareness on running a business in the UAE.

We have studied the business history of the UAE and evolution of its policies thoroughly. Further, we have acute knowledge of every single law, statute or legality involved in starting or running a business in the UAE.

We started off with Company Setup Services to help companies entering the UAE market. Over time, having witnessed the hassles faced by our clients, we added Business Services to our offerings to address virtually every single aspect of running a UAE operations.

Today, we are seen as a one-stop agency that clients can look forward to, in making their experience of running a business in the UAE – pleasant and memorable!


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